The 2024 FYV Summer Music Program Puts the Focus on Developing Young Talent 


The 2024 FYV Summer Music Program Puts the Focus on Developing Young Talent

Award-winning artist and vocal coach, Petula Beckles, is proud to present the 2024 FYV Summer Music Program. This program was specifically developed for young children and teenagers who share a passion for music, with Beckles devoting her time to support and cultivate their raw, creative talents.

Beginning July 8th and running through August 22rd, the program takes place Mondays through Thursdays, and provides students all the resources they need to become the best they can be in performing music. Along with traditional fine arts lessons such as singing, spoken word, persussion, songwriting, piano and guitar, percussion, the curriculum will also include opportunities to play the violin, as well as exploring band dynamics.

Beckles explains that the program is designed to nurture the love of music and development of musical ability, making sure it is made accessible to all young musicans. To make registration easier, shuttle service is available for participants, and meals will be included in the program fee. And, until April 30th, those who register will receive a 10% discount on their tuition.

For more information about the 2024 FYV Summer Music Program and to register, visit the website or call us today at 718.341.0019!